7 Tips for Buying the Right Food Truck Insurance

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Last updated on: July 11, 2022
food truck insurance tips

In today’s fast-paced society, food trucks are all the rage. They’re fast, fun, and serve up delicious fare.

Whether you’re launching a new food truck business or are already established, you need to make sure you’ve got the right food truck insurance in place.

Read on for the top 7 food truck insurance tips to help with your search:

1. When you’re looking to buy food truck insurance, shop smarter by comparing rates from different carriers.

  • While you want to be sure to get the best rate for your food truck coverage, this takes time.
  • Alchemy Insurance Agency can help with that—they work with the top names in the business to match you with the perfect provider to suit your needs and budget.

2. Before you buy commercial food truck insurance, develop a balanced budget.

  • Smart budgeting is, naturally, an essential element of running a successful business.
  • Keep in mind when making an insurance budget that not having adequate coverage can result in financial expenses that end up being much more costly than shelling out funds for the proper coverage in the first place.
  • In other words, don’t skimp on coverage to save a small amount of money. It might backfire in the long run!

3. Food truck insurance coverage is important because it helps you, as a business owner, to expect the unexpected.

  • Whether you have mobile food and catering trucks, concession and vending trucks, or ice cream trucks, you need this coverage to properly protect your business-on-wheels in the event of an accident or injury.
  • The last thing you want is to find yourself without proper coverage and faced with financial obligations that have the potential to wreak havoc on your professional and personal finances.

4. Consider the dual purposes your business serves—and double-down on your protection!

  • Food trucks essentially combine two things in one—you’re running a business that needs to be properly protected, as well as the fact that this business is conducted via a work vehicle—so you need to protect both.
  • You need to lock in the appropriate commercial auto and general liability insurance to protect your food truck business interests, in addition to considering workers’ compensation coverage to protect your employees.

5. Your basic “food truck” insurance covers two main areas—commercial auto and general liability. But your coverage doesn’t have to stop there!

  • As aforementioned, you have additional options you can add-in to your policy, such as workers’ compensation coverage and business owners’ insurance, for additional benefits.
  • Your employees and their well-being are just as important to protect as your other business interests.
  • If your employee is involved in an accident that causes injury or harm to themselves, another one of your employees, or a customer, for example, you will want to ensure everyone is adequately protected—and as the owner, it will more than likely all come back on you—so be ready!

6. Commercial auto insurance is key to securing your food truck business.

  • This type of coverage is necessary for foods trucks as well as any accompanying supply trailers that you may own and operate as part of your business.
  • One issue you need to be properly protected from when it comes to your food truck or supply trailer is physical damage.
  • Physical damage coverage protects more than just your actual “storefront”—it also covers physical damage that your connected equipment and/or appliances may incur in an accident or other incident.

7. General liability insurance is another crucial piece of the food truck insurance coverage puzzle.

  • Don’t find yourself dealing with devastating financial ramifications stemming from an accident or damage related to your food truck business.
  • Any accidents or incidents that occur don’t have to spell disaster for your business and your livelihood.
  • If you’re properly protected with general liability insurance, you’ll have coverage against things like personal injury and property damage.
  • Bundle your policies for added savings. Alchemy agents will work to save you as much as possible—in fact, working with Alchemy Insurance Agency can save you up to 20% instantly.
  • We make the underwriting process quick and painless, with instant coverage from top-rated carriers you know and trust when it matters most.

Protect your food truck business with the best insurance policy possible!

Alchemy Insurance Agency, the top commercial insurance agency in Pennsylvania, works tirelessly to compare policies from multiple carriers in order to connect you with the best price for your insurance needs.

Simply call, email, or visit https://alchemyinsurance.com/ to get connected with an agent right away.

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