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Artisans Insurance

Are you an artisan looking for more information on insurance coverage? First of all, let’s clarify which occupations are classified as an “artisan.” Each of the following examples fall under the broad category of artisans:

  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Landscapers
  • Artists
  • Jewelry or clothing makers/designers

    More examples of those contained in this group of skilled workers include:

    • Interior decorators
    • Piano tuners
    • Exterminators

    This is not an exhaustive list of those who can be considered artisans—there are many more occupations within this contractors’ content area. As people who make a living by crafting, building, or otherwise working on things with their hands, artisans are often highly sought after for their handy contracting services that improve a home or business in some way. For this reason and many more, artisans need protection while performing their occupations on a daily basis, whether it’s creating handmade goods, building something from scratch, or repairing a specialty item. Situations do not always go as planned, so be prepared to expect the unexpected and be protected in any case.

    What Does Artisans Insurance Cover?

    No matter what area of expertise an artisan’s skill lies in, they need artisans insurance coverage to protect themselves, their clients, and the property they are working with or on. Specifically, this type of insurance covers bodily injuries to the contractor or client, damage to the client’s property or third-party property, and injury made against the reputation of a third party. Additionally, coverage for personal injury, advertising injury, harmful actions taken against a competing company, and medical payments can and should be included in your liability insurance policy.

    Basically, artisans insurance strictly covers liability. Examples of what is not always covered with this type of insurance plan includes:

    • work supplies
    • work vehicles
    • business/office space

    You may wonder why the above listed areas are not typically included in liability insurance for artisans—although the supplies, vehicle, and office space are literally “tools of the trade” in your case, they are not part of the liability equation. They are the materials or area used to perform the job. In essence, liability coverage provides protection against mistakes or damage made by the artisan as part of the craftsmanship process, which is inevitable. However, even though these items are not necessarily covered under all or even most artisans insurance policies, you should still inquire with your prospective insurance agency about it—some providers may cover them, at least partially.

    Remember that you are the client and it never hurts to ask whatever questions you may have. As a small business owner or independent contractor, you are your best (and sometimes only) advocate. Be clear and firm about your needs and expectations when it comes to insurance coverage in order to secure the right policy for you and your trade or small business. When you use a reputable agency for your artisans insurance search in Pennsylvania, you’ll find that professionalism and a sense of personal care are provided from the first interaction.

    At Alchemy Insurance Agency, we stand by our team’s commitment to providing top-notch customer service throughout the duration of the client-company relationship. You’ll never have to worry or be wary about any aspect of obtaining your artisans insurance coverage.

    Why is Artisans Insurance Important?

    • As an artisan, particularly someone skilled in a specialized area, it is of utmost importance to protect yourself physically, financially, and professionally.
    • Regardless of talent level, years of experience, or attention to detail, artisans are still just people—and people make mistakes! An error is bound to happen one way or another, on small scale or a larger one. When that mishap takes place, it is best to be covered to prevent any further damage or loss to the individual(s) involved, as well as to the actual business itself. Things have the potential to go wrong on a daily basis, so an artisan who is installing or creating something in a business or home would be well-advised to protect their livelihood.
    • Artisans insurance spans situations from showcasing your handmade creations at fairs and festivals to installing large-scale devices or goods in a home or business environment.
    • It is important to be aware of the fact that as an independent contractor, many festivals/fairs/shows, businesses, or even individuals who plan on hiring you will even require valid liability insurance in order to secure the job or space for performing your job or selling your wares. This requirement is a good thing, because it shows the importance that all involved parties place on safety and security within the transaction or duration of employment.
    • What if you’re an artisan who only attends a few shows or events throughout the year? Your best bet is to procure a policy that will insure your liability on this occasional basis. Be sure to reach out and discuss your individual needs to an insurance agent when you’re shopping for liability coverage.

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    Where Can I Find Artisans Insurance in Pennsylvania?

    Now that you know the importance of obtaining and maintaining reputable artisans insurance coverage for yourself and your business, it’s time to start shopping around! The path to finding the right insurance coverage provider can seem like a lengthy one—but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. Luckily, we can make that search a one-stop shop. If you are looking for handyman insurance or other artisan insurance coverage in Pennsylvania, Alchemy Insurance Agency can get you connected with the perfect provider to meet your needs. Things to know when considering using Alchemy’s trusted professionals to secure coverage:

    • Alchemy has over 30 years of experience in the insurance market, and we work to assess a client’s needs to match them with the right insurance coverage provider.
    • Trust us, Alchemy knows the industry well—we work with the biggest names in the game. We act as the “middle man” between insurance providers and those individuals or business owners in search of the proper coverage, policy, or plan.
    • We also understand that whether you’re an independent contractor or large-scale company, you have your own unique insurance coverage needs, and you need a policy tailored to fit them—that’s where we step in to match you with the right provider and policy. All of the risks for damage, accidents, and more will be covered appropriately for you.
    • We understand that cost counts. As an independent contractor or small business owner who performs a skill in the artisanship category, we know the financial obligations you have and the importance of protecting your livelihood sufficiently without suffering a financial hardship in order to do so. You will be able to browse a number of customized policies that can strike that delicate balance between affordability and maximum insurance coverage protection, and compare them to narrow your options down to the best fit.
    • We can provide the connection for handyman insurance to corporate insurance coverage in Pennsylvania—as well as Oklahoma, Texas, and Maryland.
    • In addition to Artisans Insurance coverage, Alchemy Insurance Agency is proud to provide services for those seeking Home, Life, Auto, Farm, and Commercial coverage (including Business Owner coverage).

    Whatever you’re in the market for as far as insurance is concerned, reach out to a member of our customer service team today, or submit your information for a free online quote at a highly competitive rate.

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