What is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Truck insurance covers a wide range of large vehicles with which you would conduct business. These could be anything from a pickup to a food truck, and they are mostly used for either construction, transportation of goods, or agriculture.

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What Types of Vehicles Are Covered in Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance covers a wide range of vehicles, as mentioned above. Before moving forward with finding the right coverage, it is best to review the types of trucks that would be covered under this type of insurance to make sure that it actually falls under the commercial truck insurance branch.

Delivery Truck Insurance

Delivery trucks, the backbone of our economy, come in all shapes and sizes within limits allowed by law. Some types of delivery trucks include:

  • Walk-in trucks: Companies such as FedEx and UPS use walk-in trucks when out delivering parcels to a purchaser. This allow for an average adult to stand upright inside of the cargo compartment when loading and unloading any items.
  • Cargo vans: These vehicles are mostly used for a smaller delivery area with less cargo in the back. These vans are bigger than the average family van, but not nearly as big as a walk-in truck.
  • Box trucks: These are square-like trucks with many different uses such as hauling larger cargo (i.e. furniture, appliances) and can even transport refrigerated goods.

To protect the property and the people on the road, truck insurance is equally as important as regular car insurance. Typically companies that own delivery trucks, whether it’s just a couple or a whole fleet, take on the responsibility of the cargo that they are transporting. Insuring the cargo is important as well to cover any lost revenue should something happen beyond the control of the driver or the owner of the company.

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Box Truck Insurance

Box trucks are also called straight trucks for their ample space for transportation of bulky items such as furniture, boxes of different sizes, and even refrigerated items. Their square-like shape identifies box trucks. They are usually rather lightweight and can vary in size from 10 feet to 26 feet in length, making them customizable for what you’re business might need. The most common uses for such trucks are:

  • Moving
  • As an icebox or reefer used as a refrigerator
  • Sleeper
  • Cargo cutaway
  • And a tilt cab

Box truck insurance should always come with standard liability, which covers bodily injury and physical damage. This type of coverage protects other individuals and property that may be damaged in the event of an accident. Most states require a vehicle to be covered under liability insurance with specific minimums

However, liability insurance will not cover all eventualities even if by law, that may be the only insurance you are required to purchase.

Box trucks are mostly used for the transportation of various goods with different degrees of value. Cargo insurance will save the goods that are being transported by a box truck in the event that something would cause it to be damaged on route to its destination.

Food Truck Insurance

A food truck is essentially a moving restaurant, which means that it is the sole backbone of the business. Should a food truck become immobile, its revenue disappears with it. It is for this reason that every company operating at least one should think about food truck insurance.

Alchemy Insurance will work with you to ensure that you are outfitted with the best food truck insurance for your business. Besides the standard liability insurance, which is required by law, it is best to consider the purchase of a full range of insurance such as collision and comprehensive.

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