Errors and Omissions Insurance: How It Protects Your Business

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Last updated on: April 26, 2019
Errors and Omissions Insurance

For any kind of business, even a small risk can have a huge impact on the growth and sustainability of the business. Whether it is about small business or large business, it is important to consider Errors and Omissions Insurance/business insurance to protect your business from unexpected and unfortunate events that could cause a financial crisis.

Having the right kind of insurance policy also helps to increase the credibility of business among its employees and gives them a sense of security knowing they are covered under the insurance policy.

In order to deliver proficiency and protect your business from claims, insurance companies offer Errors and Omissions insurance.

What is Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance?
E&O Insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that protects companies and their workers (or individuals) against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions. The claims can vary for every client and can be the result of a failure to meet the client’s expectations of services or, it may be due to inefficient or delayed services.

Why is there a need for E&O Insurance?
Even with the best team of employees and strategies, mistakes can happen. That’s because nobody is perfect and business errors can and do take place. No one wants to give their clients inappropriate work, however, a client can file a lawsuit even when an issue may have been resolved easily. Such cases can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect your business whether the claims are justified or not.

The majority of clients feel safer working with businesses that hold an E&O Insurance policy because it offers them protection. Basically, the clients like the assurance that their interest is protected in the event they are dissatisfied with the work produced.

How does an E&O Insurance Policy help build trust in clients?
An Errors and Omissions policy provides assurance for clients. The insurance companies covered under this type of policy are responsible to provide coverage for the losses incurred by the companies by defending and for paying settlements or judgements. This insurance acts as a safety net that protects your business from harm. Moreover, in addition to existing clients, it helps to encourage new customers to use and recommend your services.

Your business is at greater risk without E&O. So, in order to avoid financial loss, it is better to approach a good insurance agency to get the right insurance coverage for your business.

Credibility-building tips for the insurance providers that can help to win over clients

An Errors and Omissions Insurance policy can act as a financial safety net for the business owners. It helps in covering the risk of exposure for the clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the credibility building tips that can help to win over clients:

Communicate effectively.

It is very important to maintain transparency with clients. You should regularly update your clients with your progress. Also, make sure to answer the queries and doubts of the clients in a timely manner. The communication should be documented for maintaining transparency and later reference.

Create client contracts:

You should write up a contract that clearly outlines the factors to be included. A written agreement can help to maintain transparency and resolve the disputes that may arise.

Honesty is the key:

It is very important, to be honest with your clients. You should treat them as you would like to be treated. You should trust your clients. This will help to build credibility.

Get certified:

It is very important to get certified by a licensing authority in order to build a level of trust among your customers. Nobody wants to deal with a fraudulent business. That is why it becomes necessary to get certified.

These are some of the credibility building tips that can help to win over clients.

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