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Equine Liability Insurance

Why do I need Equine Insurance?

What if your beloved horse became ill or seriously injured at any point during its lifetime? Or, what if he/she had to be euthanized because of an untreatable condition? You may not be financially prepared to take on the large medical costs associated with these sad events. If you’d like to avoid going into debt because of veterinary bills, equine liability insurance is a beneficial option to consider. Owning a horse can be quite an investment. Protect your horse’s health and well-being and your finances with equine insurance. 

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Equine Insurance?

What is Equine Liability Insurance?

Equine liability insurance covers the majority of medical needs for your horse including routine physical care, sick visits, medication, and surgical procedures. Even if your horse were to have a very minor health issue, it could cost thousands of dollars to formulate a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan. A proper policy can save you a great deal of money over your horse’s lifetime.

How much does Equine Liability Insurance cost?

The cost of equine liability insurance varies depending on the type of coverage you are looking for and how much you need. For commercial equine liability insurance, the horse insurance cost will depend on the size of your horse farm or operation. You can negotiate the annual fees and coverage details to get the policy that best suits your needs. Commercial equine liability insurance cost for horses and other animals is designed to cover the cost of most medical appointments or procedures. Without this important insurance coverage you could end up with a bill totaling thousands of dollars after even just one day of treatment.

What does Equine Insurance cover?

There are multiple types of horse/equine insurance available. They include:

Full Mortality Insurance

This coverage is basically life insurance for your horse. In the event your horse passes on, you will receive compensation if you have insured your horse with good horse mortality insurance rates. This includes death due to illness, injury, or accident.

Major Medical

In addition to a full mortality policy, major medical coverage will take care of veterinarian expenses if your horse suffers an illness, injury, or accident.

Emergency Colic Surgery

This is a form of coverage specifically related to a medical condition that applies to horses. Costs are covered for emergency colic surgery that is conducted on qualifying horses that don’t have any previous history of gastrointestinal issues. A veterinarian must deem the surgery necessary on an emergency basis before the coverage will be approved for the procedure.

Loss of Use

If you own a horse for commercial purposes, what would happen if he were unable to carry out his intended role? Loss of use insurance can provide you with peace of mind knowing that in this situation your coverage could help protect you from loss of income. This type of policy is usually added for an additional premium and is something to strongly consider if you are using your horse for commercial purposes.

Your horse doesn’t have to experience a major health crisis in order to cost you thousands of dollars. A simple infection can take a good deal of time, effort and resources to diagnose and treat. If you choose a good horse liability insurance policy, you will save equine insurance cost on the appointment with the veterinarian, diagnostic services and prescription medication.

Why is Equine Liability Insurance important to have?

It is a cost effective way you can ensure your horse is properly protected.

Equine insurance will cover emergency care needs, surgical needs and major medical coverage. Since your horse is likely an extended member of your family, you probably don’t want to think about the unpredictable future. You may not be able to control the future, but you are able to control being prepared financially for whatever may come your way.

It can provide you with peace of mind knowing your horse and your financial investment are protected.

Your horse may be the sweetest animal, however, a horse is fully capable of kicking, biting, escaping and hurting themselves or others. If any of these should happen, you have security knowing you have liability coverage for your horse. You can choose the amount of coverage that is comfortable for you. And there’s always an opportunity to upgrade your policy in the future if you feel the need to.

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Equine Liability Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is private horse owner liability?

If you own horses but are not currently conducting commercial business with them a private horse owner liability policy can protect you against any legal claims that could arise if your horse injures an individual or their property. This would include your horse getting loose from your property and causing an accident that would leave you responsible. Most policies will cover you for the U.S., Canada and U.S. territories. You can choose from various tiers of coverage, and you can add this policy onto other policies such as a mortality policy. You can also tailor your policy based on whether you want more bodily injury coverage or property damage coverage. You cannot acquire this coverage if you are operating a commercial operation that provides trail rides, instructive lessons, racing, breeding or boarding.

What is commercial equine liability?

Professionals who are currently involved in commercial operations that involve boarding, breeding, teaching or maintaining a horse facility have the option to apply for a commercial equine liability policy. This policy allows for coverage that is related to bodily injury and property damage to third parties. You can also extend your coverage with equine professional insurance to include trainers and other professionals who are part of the business and are at risk. An insurance company will provide basic coverage as part of this policy. You can add on other coverage that will take care of events, clubs, associations, etc. You will find that most insurance providers tier their coverage the same way when it comes to amounts.

What should every horse owner know?

While investing in a horse may seem like a big undertaking, the horse itself is not the only expensive part of ownership. You also need to cover the cost for medical care, emergencies, boarding the horse, equipment, and more. It’s important to have the right equipment to prevent injuries to the horse and the rider(s). And not all horses have a placid or gentle personality. Depending on what you will be using your horse for, you should also take the time to find a policy that will focus on your needs and provide you with the necessary coverage. It might seem like a lot of money, however, it ensures that everyone involved with the horse ownership will be safe and that can provide you with peace of mind. Additionally, you want to ensure you are purchasing a horse from a reputable seller or breeder. When looking at horses for purchase, take the time to saddle and unsaddle a horse, see how it behaves when you interact with it. Lastly, it’s recommended that you ride the horse as well.

What is the difference between equine personal liability and equine professional liability?

The ownership of a horse comes along with the potential risk of a liability lawsuit. It is likely your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover your horses. Personal equine liability insurance coverage for horses will protect against accidental bodily injury and property damage to a third party. It does not cover the activities related to your business. You can, however,  add other forms of coverage if necessary, or you can upgrade your coverage. Premiums start at affordable prices per month. Your boarding facility can be added to these policies as well.

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