The Complete Guide to Construction Insurance in 2021

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Last updated on: August 16, 2021
Construction Insurance

A successful construction business is attainable when all important details have been attended to sufficiently. There are many moving parts associated with this particular line of work, and if certain safeguards have not been put into place, unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc on an otherwise well-oiled construction machine.

Do you run a construction business? If so, make sure you’re properly prepared to face a number of potentially troublesome situations with construction insurance from Alchemy Insurance Agency.

Why Do I Need Construction Insurance?

Construction site insurance is necessary due to the high-risk nature of the industry. Protect yourself against astronomical fees that could occur related to injury, damage, and liability with a quality commercial insurance policy for construction projects.

  • General liability protection – A broader term, this type of construction site insurance coverage is crucial, as it can keep you covered for everything from injury claims/related medical expenses, funeral costs, and legally mandated compensation to damage, product, and copyright claims that may be brought against you.
  • Limited professional liability, customer property damage, product liability, builder’s risk, contractor’s equipment, and more can be covered as needed within your policy.

    • Limited professional liability protection extends to related service providers on a construction project—including architects, engineers, etc.

      • Any negligence, error, or omission of services on their part can be pursued or recovered through this type of coverage.
    • Customer property damage coverage includes loss or destruction of property caused by a wide range of factors, including weather-related hazards, which, of course, are out of your control.
    • Product liability is necessary to protect your business if/when your finished construction project causes a physical injury or property damage due to alleged faulty workmanship.
    • Builder’s risk coverage is also known as “course of construction insurance,” and protects against risks that can pose a threat while a building or property is under construction.
      • Things like fire, hail, lightning, explosions, theft, vandalism, and events deemed “Acts of God,” such as hurricanes, fall in this category.
      • Builder’s risk coverage is often viewed as the backbone of a well-rounded commercial construction insurance policy.
    • Contractor’s equipment protection covers a broad range of damaged or missing equipment. This type of policy can also extend to items like tools, clothing, and/or borrowed work-related equipment as needed.
  • Without adequate insurance coverage in place, your construction business risks losing everything—and depending on the severity of any incident that may arise, your personal finances could take a hit or be depleted as well.
  • Don’t risk devastating financial consequences by not being prepared—let Alchemy Insurance Agency take care of your business’s insurance coverage needs.

Why Should I Enroll with Alchemy Insurance Agency?

Shopping around for insurance policies can be a pain—but it doesn’t have to be!

  • Alchemy Insurance Agency makes it easy to get connected to trustworthy, affordable insurance rates that line up perfectly with what you need.
  • If you’re looking for insurance for construction sites, look no further than the team at Alchemy, who eliminates the need to sit around making dozens of phone calls or writing countless emails to obtain and compare insurance coverage rates. Alchemy does the work for you!
  • Once you schedule a free consultation, Alchemy will analyze your budget and assess your unique needs in order to match you with the optimal provider.
  • Dedicated Alchemy agents work right alongside you in order to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a proper provider selection.

Alchemy Insurance Agency is your #1 source for construction insurance in the state of Pennsylvania—because we work for you. Your Alchemy team works tirelessly with the top-rated names you know and trust to match you with the perfect provider and lowest costs available.

What are you waiting for? Call, email, or visit and get started on your path to affordable, dependable construction insurance today.

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