Tips for Finding Affordable Commercial Property Insurance

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Last updated on: March 15, 2021

No matter what type of business you have, getting the right commercial insurance for your property is critical to protecting your personal and professional assets. The statement, you never need insurance until you need it really rings true. Don’t be left empty-handed when the unexpected happens! Find the right commercial property insurance policy to protect you, your business, your building, and the property inside should damage occur. 

Shopping for any type of insurance coverage can be overwhelming, but don’t despair! We have the best tips for commercial property insurance. Knowing these can keep you covered without breaking your budget. Be sure you, your business, and your building(s) have enough insurance in the event of natural disasters, fires, burglaries, and more. 

Top Tips for Commercial Insurance Savings

First, you need to know what commercial property insurance really includes. You need to obtain this coverage whether you lease an office space, own a freestanding building, or work from home (due to the pandemic many people have been working remotely). 

  • It’s all about the bundle. An easy way to save a great deal of money on your commercial property policy is to consider bundling coverage. For example, bundling (or putting together) tornado, liability, and flood insurance coverage into one policy is a way to protect your interests against a wide range of situations with one cost. 
    • Bundled coverage doesn’t just apply to natural disasters. Another example of a bundled set of policies could include combining your commercial property insurance with general liability and business income insurance. 
    • Be sure to inquire with your insurance agent about what bundled discounts they offer. They may have some that apply perfectly to your business needs! Any reputable insurance company or agent should be happy to explain and communicate options with you. 
  • Shop around for added savings. Don’t be afraid to request and compare a number of quotes from several insurance providers. Alchemy Insurance Agency has been successfully matching customers with the top insurance carriers for over 30 years. They are experts at connecting people with the perfect insurance providers. 
  • Take reviews and ratings seriously. It pays to do your research on insurance companies. Be sure to read customer reviews to get a good idea about how a particular company treats its policyholders. If you have friends with commercial property insurance, ask them questions about the pros and cons of their coverage. Also, ask how they feel about the cost of their policy. Is it really affordable?
  • Inquire about prevention tips. Take advantage of your insurance provider’s know-how. Ask for suggestions they may have for you to help prevent loss or damage to your property. Natural disasters are unpredictable but there are often steps you can put in place to better protect yourself and your commercial interests as much as is possible. Remember, as a client, your insurance agency works for you! Don’t hesitate to ask for help and make the smartest decisions possible. 

Looking for the best, most affordable commercial insurance agency?  Alchemy Insurance Agency, the most trusted name in Pennsylvania, is here to help. Call, email, or visit to get started with a free quote. 

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