Watch Your Savings Grow By Doing These Things

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Last updated on: May 31, 2018
money saving

You can open a savings account, but can you commit to saving? People have admitted to being unable keep up with their savings account and as a result it doesn’t flourish. Temptation can come at you fast when it comes to spending that extra money. With saving comes great strength. We have suggestions on how to watch your account flourish.

Add a percentage from your paycheck
You can automate a percentage of your checking account direct deposit to go into your savings. If you do that, whether you get paid biweekly or weekly, you will not have to worry about adding it into the account yourself.

Avoid  checking account transfers
We know how tempting it is to see that extra money, but do not fall for it. There is no point in setting up a savings account if you are going to continuously take from it. Maybe open your savings in a different bank so it’s not as easy to touch.

Try to avoid bank fees
Bank fees have a way of adding up, taking away from your hard-earned money. Bank fees can cost you 1-2 dollars just to withdraw money.  And, some banks charge you monthly fees and fees for lack of activity.

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