Why Do Riding Instructors Need Insurance?

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Last updated on: January 25, 2021
Riding Instructors Insurance

People who love horses and riding may say that riding instructors have the dream job. Riding instructors are fortunate to spend their days doing what they love and helping others perfect their craft, whether as a passionate pastime or competitive sport. However, as with many careers, occupational hazards for equestrian teachers can and do arise. The key is to be prepared to expect the unexpected. 

Riding Instructor Insurance is what they need in order to properly protect themselves, their horses and equipment, and even their students from any damage and/or any injury that may occur. 

Let’s take a look at exactly what Riding Instructor Insurance is, why you need it if you’re an instructor, and how Alchemy Insurance has you covered. 

What Is Horse Instructor Insurance?

  • Also known as Equine Liability Insurance, this type of coverage provides protection for riding instructors as they teach riders of various levels of skill and expertise. Even the most advanced rider can have a mishap in the saddle. 
  • Consider the “What ifs?” such as a student injured by a horse during a riding lesson, or a horse that suffers an injury while being loaded onto a horse trailer. The last thing you want to worry about when an unfortunate event happens is what it will cost you—financially, personally, and professionally. 
  • Liability coverage for riding instructors protects the individual from liability claims made by a student or a third-party provider. It also includes protection against claims of alleged negligence, error, or omission. 
  • Riding instructor insurance coverage includes time spent during a lesson. And it applies to both child and adult riders, as well as any animal(s) and/or equipment (like your horse trailer) that are included in the coverage. 
  • What’s the cost? Insurance coverage rates will vary based upon different factors pertaining to your particular situation, such as the number of students currently enrolled in your training program. 
  • This essential coverage even applies if an incident occurs while you’re riding someone else’s horse. That means your coverage follows you. 

Why Do I Need Insurance for Horse Riding Lessons?

  • Riding instructor insurance coverage is a smart (and necessary) choice for those who wish to protect and preserve their business, assets, and reputation. 
  • If alleged (or determined) liability claims are made against you, the instructor, you could potentially be found liable to pay for the related costs. This could severely impact your professional and personal life.
  • To protect your interests. Alchemy Insurance agents will use their expertise to search for and find you the best Equine Liability insurance coverage.
  • Life (and animals!) are often unpredictable, however, you can still take steps to protect yourself as much as possible in the event an accident or unforeseen incident arises. 
  • If you’re in the business of instructing horse riders in any capacity, don’t wait until it’s too late and risk doing what you love—let the pros at Alchemy take it from here. 

Are you ready to enroll in affordable, reliable riding instructor insurance coverage? Contact Alchemy Insurance Agency today, and see why we’re the #1 insurance provider in Pennsylvania! 

Call or visit https://alchemyinsurance.com/ to get started. 

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