Food trucks are all the rage in today’s fast-paced society—and for good reason! These portable restaurants-on-wheels offer quick, delicious food on-the-go. No need to visit a dine-in establishment for a savory snack or meal—food trucks offer the option to eat al fresco or to take your fabulous fare home to share.

If you’ve already started a food truck business, or are considering doing so, don’t overlook a very important piece of the puzzle—food truck insurance. Yes, it’s a thing—and yes, you definitely need it.

What is food truck insurance and why do you need it?

Read on for some very valuable information regarding your business that provides meals on wheels.

Food truck insurance covers your small business’s insurance needs. It also applies to the following mobile fast food categories:

  • Mobile food/catering trucks
  • Concession/vending trucks
  • Ice cream trucks

Does your small business fall into one of the above-mentioned areas? Then you need to consider crucial coverage to protect yourself—and your business operations.

What does food truck insurance cover?

Good question! Basic food truck insurance covers two main areas:

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Commercial Auto

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General Liability

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance is necessary for both food trucks and accompanying supply trailers. Physical damage coverage is a must to protect not only your actual business/storefront vehicle, but any connected equipment and/or appliances as well. Whether the unforeseen occurrence affects your food truck itself or vital supplies therein, reliable commercial auto insurance coverage will have you covered, thankfully.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance applies to food truck insurance in a very essential way—safeguarding your business from potential legal action relating to accidents and/or injuries for which you may be found liable as a business owner. The last thing you want as a burgeoning entrepreneur entering the food truck realm is to find yourself liable and uncovered due to an unfortunate accident.

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Additional types of food truck insurance coverage to consider

Once you’ve effectively locked in the appropriate commercial auto and general liability insurance to protect your business interests, another type of coverage that is important to consider is workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers’ compensation, often referred to as “workmen’s comp,” protects your employees from any injuries or other mishaps that may occur while on the clock working for your food truck endeavors. While you naturally hope such an occurrence won’t affect you (or those valued, hardworking employees), life doesn’t usually comply with our plans. Be on the safe side and protect the business you’ve worked so hard for with the appropriate (and necessary) food truck insurance policies.

Food truck insurance rates vary depending on the policy/type(s) of customized coverage your individual business may require. Speak to a qualified insurance agent as soon as possible for help determining what will work best for your business needs.

Many insurance providers also offer bundle discounts, giving you the chance to lump your business insurance policies into one affordable rate, saving you money—and tons of stress—when it counts.

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