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Why General Liability?

No business operates without risk. As a business owner, you’ll need protection in the event of an incident, and General Liability can cover a variety of risks, such as personal injury and property damage.

Some scenarios that call for General Liability coverage include:

  • Your business is conducted at a third-party location (rented space, client home, etc.)
  • Your business requires people to visit your location
  • Your work contracts require insurance coverage
  • You advertise or create marketing materials for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Commercial General Liability policy cover?

Commercial General Liability protects your business from financial loss due to negligence. It protects your business from some of the most common lawsuits related to normal business activities such as advertising injury claims against your business, costs for property damage claims, medical expenses if a customer is injured at your business, court costs, and settlements for covered claims.  

What is not covered by a Commercial General Liability policy?

The following is not covered by a Commercial General Liability policy:

  • Employee injuries or illnesses resulting from their work
  • Commercial auto accidents
  • Damage to your business property
  • Errors in professional services,
  • Claims that cost more than your policy limit.

Contact an Alchemy agent to ask for policies that would cover the losses above.

Who needs a Commercial General Liability policy?

State laws don’t require you to carry General Liability Insurance. However, not having this coverage can put your company at high risk. You may also find that customers want to ensure you have the minimum coverage required before agreeing to work with your company.