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Food insurance is specific to the running of any food or drink businesses such as:

  • Café’s or coffee shops
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Sandwich shops
  • Ice cream shop
  • Pizza Shop
  • Sub Shop
  • Fine dining
  • Caterers

As with any business, running a restaurant, sandwich shop, pizza shop, or any others on the list comes with many risks, which may make it vulnerable to lawsuits and other liabilities whether you are in the state of Pennsylvania or anywhere in the United States. Alchemy Insurance will be the friend that you need through the process of deciding on the best insurance for your needs.

Alchemy Insurance will look through all the available coverages in order to find the best one for your business:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Business Interruption
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Food contamination

Though you may not need all of these coverages, Alchemy Insurance will work with you to choose the best for you so that you do not lose out on any of your livelihood.

Restaurant Insurance

A restaurant is a place of business that serves its customer’s food and drinks. Restaurants can range from fast food to fine dining, but they have the same overall concept: serve food. They vary in the type of food that they will serve, with some restaurants specializing in just one type of meal such as dinner or breakfast, and some providing food the whole day. Most mid-level to fine dining restaurants will also serve some kind of alcohol in Western countries.

Restaurants also vary significantly in their appearance and location. The building can range from being opulent to a take-out or drive-thru to a part of a cruise ship. They will also vary in the cuisine that they offer, such as Chinese or Italian. No matter the type of restaurant, or the food it serves, insurance is a necessity of operating the business.

Alchemy Insurance in Pennsylvania and beyond will help establish an insurance package that is both effective and cost-conscious. Like any other business, general liability insurance is the basis of any insurance package since it works to protect you in many eventualities such as bodily injury or property damage.

Aside from the liability insurance that is usually required by law, a place of business, especially a restaurant, should look into commercial property insurance. This type of insurance will work to ensure your property, along with any equipment or furniture, is also protected. It will also protect any monetary losses. A business may incur, for instance, in case of an emergency shut down.

Employees are one of the main components of any business, which means that part of the restaurant insurance package should be worker’s compensation as a way to protect your employees and your business. Part of the risk of operating a restaurant is the possibility of workers coming to harm in the kitchens. Still, with this insurance, you can be at ease knowing that your employee will be taken care of, and your business will not be sued for liability.

Sandwich Shop Insurance

Sandwich shop, or sandwich bar as it can also be known, is a type of specific restaurant that operates by selling mostly sandwiches. Sandwich shops have also evolved to serve other types of food, such as soup, salads, and various drinks. Sometimes, a sandwich shop also referred to as a self-serve restaurant where you could make your own sandwiches.

Sandwich shop insurance, or deli insurance as it can also be known, helps you protect your investment since starting up a sandwich shop requires a significant capital investment at the very beginning. A sandwich shop insurance is a more specializing type of commercial insurance that is usually written as a package commercial insurance policy to ensure that the business is covered in every aspect.

Though the exact coverage and policy offer will vary based on the needs of the individual business, it will be mostly made of the following policies:

  • General liability insurance
  • Building coverage
  • Contents coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Product liability coverage
  • Food contamination coverage
  • Worker’s compensation

As a whole, the policies mentioned above will take care of the business in case of property damage, loss of business, or a lawsuit. Alchemy Insurance, whether you are in Pennsylvania or near the other locations, will put together the best package for the type of sandwich shop that you are operating as per the policy types mentioned.

Some cases would require the addition of a commercial auto insurance policy, though it will not be a necessity for all. Some sandwich shops have expanded their operating ranges by offering services such as the delivery of food. Whether as a business, you operate your own fleet of vehicles or not, if you are using a vehicle as a delivery car, this type of insurance will assist in the event of any problems.

Ice Cream Shop Insurance

Ice cream is one of the most beloved desserts of all time. Various flavors and combinations have been designed by now so that everyone could find something that they would like. Companies have even thought of making dairy-free ice cream for those who may be lactose intolerant. Ice cream has also been embellished with fruits, nuts, and other types of candy for bigger and greater concoctions.

Ice cream shops, or ice cream parlors, have become a beloved place for families and friends to go, hang out, and enjoy a tasty dessert. As many businesses, they range in their size and variety. Some have been transformed from mom-and-pop shops to a whole chain of restaurants spread across the nation. Whichever you are operating, ice cream shop insurance is a must.

There are various inherent risks with running an ice cream shop, and since we’d like all guests to enjoy themselves when they walk in through the door, ice cream shop insurance can be there to help protect you in case of accidents. Some of the insurance policies that will be included in the package:

  • Food contamination insurance
  • Commercial general liability
  • Equipment insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Worker’s compensation

Alchemy Insurance will work with you so that you do not have to worry about your business or the customers that you are trying to keep happy. In the event of a problem that is not within your control, such as a fire, flood, or power outage, your business will be fully protected. Amongst this policy is the much-needed food contamination insurance to round out the ice cream shop insurance. As you are serving food, contamination can happen even if we are diligent, and the last thing you would want is to leave a customer sick without help, or worse, angry enough to sue for damages.

Pizza Shop Insurance

A pizza shop, or pizzeria, is characterized as a restaurant that serves one of the most famous Italian dishes: the pizza. Usually round and flat, the pizza includes sauces of different flavors, cheese, and as many toppings as the customer could want. After years of experimenting, pizzas have now evolved to include anything from just cheese or pepperoni to various fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish.

Pizza shops evolved to become a part of fine dining, some including their own wood-fired oven, to a fast-food restaurant with pick-up or delivery options. Whether you go and sit down to eat, or you order out, people have savored the pizza in various forms and ways, making it a staple in the diet. There have even been pizza’s explicitly designed for those who need to eat gluten-free.

The type of pizzeria that you own will determine the pizza shop insurance policies that will best fit the business. There are many policies to choose from that would be specific toward a pizza shop:

  • Business Interruption
  • Food Contamination
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Pizza shop insurance should always work toward mitigating any possible scenarios that may disrupt the business. The best insurance packages will ensure that you are covered in a potential case of a disaster such as the loss of power, loss of equipment, fire, or even a flood. It will ensure that you do not lose any income at a time that you may find yourself shut down, for example, in case of a fire when you need time to rebuild. Pizza shop insurance will also make sure that you are covered against a potential lawsuit such as through someone getting hurt on the premises, or through food contamination.

Alchemy Insurance works with your business on finding the best coverage for you at the best possible rate. Whether you are operating your business in Pennsylvania or around the other Alchemy Insurance locations, the perfect pizza shop insurance is right around the corner so you could spend every day with ease.

Sub Shop Insurance

A sub shop is a type of sandwich shop that primarily focuses on the serving of a sub or submarine sandwich. Sometimes called the hoagie, hero, or grinder, the sub sandwich got its name through its long shape. This is a type of sandwich that uses longer bread or rolls that are cut lengthwise with a variety of different foods inside from meats to vegetables to cheese.

Some sandwiches are even determined based on the location since each culture has a different way of making their version of the best sub.

Sub shop insurance should take into consideration the type of business that you are running. Some of the insurance packages that you should consider including:

  • General liability insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance

Though general liability is as important for a sub shop insurance package, there are others that will definitely in case of an emergency. Like any other business, there is equipment and inventory that needs to be protected. The right insurance, which can be found for you by Alchemy Insurance, can help mitigate the losses in case there is an equipment or inventory loss. There are different scenarios that could potentially impact inventory, which is the one thing that you need besides customers.

The rest of the package of the sub shop insurance will help in the case of emergencies that impact either employees or customers. Should someone get sick or hurt, the insurance package will protect the individual by helping pay for any costs associated, and the business by ensuring that any lawsuits are taken care of.

Alchemy insurance has the ability to ensure that a thorough review is done of your sub shop, and the correct insurance package is tailored to the business you own based on the amounts that you have invested, the location, as well as many other items.

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