Hacks To Keep Your Car Cool During The Summer

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Last updated on: April 27, 2018
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The summer time can pleasant. The sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and the family can vacation together. Transitioning from cold weather to warm weather is a great feeling, but the heat can also create uncomfortable situations like a hot car ride. Getting inside of a warm car can be intense, but Alchemy Car Insurance Hacks has 5 hacks that will help make your car rides cooler.

Seat Cooling Cushion
Getting into your vehicle in the summer can be a bit of a shock. This shock comes especially for drivers with leather seats. A seat cooling cushion will make your drive easier and cooler. You will no longer have to worry about you or your guests being uncomfortable. Your drive can go from hot to cool in seconds.

Car Windshield Sun Shade
This is great for parking in the sun. Though parking under the tree has the same effect, the windshield sun shade keeps your vehicle cool and blocks UV rays during those sunny days.

Solar Power Ventilation Fan
A solar power fan keeps your car at a comfortable temperature. The solar panel uses sunlight to power the fan.

Car Sun Shades
Some people use tints to block the sun out, but car sun shades can help with the sun blockage as well. Car sun shades also protect your car from UV rays and sun glare. The mesh material keeps you cool while still allowing you to see through the windows.

Keep Windows Cracked
This is free and effective. Your vehicle will not be as humid when you’re ready for your commute. Instead, your automobile will be cool from the slight ventilation.

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